marc couldn't find any chicago style pizza in new york, so he stopped by


how many sugars?


50/50, whenever possible


care to join me?


typical chicago junk truck. i give this one a 7 out of 10.




so can i park or not?


division street


full stack


carrie about to get pinched




bob and carrie gave me these amazing cubs nesting dolls from ukraine!!


it wasn't, really


cat paradise


this didn't spell anything that helped me in the future




historic stack insignias of chicago


hmm, which one, which one


amazing typography on display at the historical society


change-of-address cards for when the city was renumbered!


chicago landscape as kids see it....oh god


dan wanted half-sour i guess


chicago-style topping


back in indiana for a quick melt


people's gas




frankie coming after my breakfast


something was funny i guess




i do believe this is an iron maiden burger


< hoosier state?