a semi-official tour of the

buffalo central terminal


this is a representative view of what the upper floor rooms look like


many of the broken windows have been replaced and, well, left in a big pile I guess
i call this one "asbestos lovers' paradise"
again with the heaps of fallen ceiling tiles. <shudder>

this room looks like it's shedding its skin

some of these derelict offices retain the festive coloring of their pasts

this room apparently was peach

a view of the main entranceway from above
many of the rooms, like this one, are literally just coated in dirt
the grand windows in the back of the station were accessible by a handsome glass floor (destroyed on this level)
window ratchets!
these metal stairs take you up alongside the windows. they are covered in...something
another view into the great hall from above
and who's that i spy through the windows? oh, it's the tour group. hello tour group!

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