oh, i almost forgot the part where all the musicians get their free shoes


jens lekman's posse of swedish girls get their free shoes


roger miller tries on some free shoes


ira has shoes, but he doesn't really play soccer or skateboard


"i guess we could try wearing them?"


looks like aesop rock wears a 12


seems like he should wear larger since he dwarfs the sears tower


JD sitting stageside for the ace rock set


lalitree and allyson have accepted the sad fact that their husbands are in love with each other


actually, allyson is fine with that, since she is enjoying a delightful popsicle


from the free ice cream truck backstage!


dude, it's clint conley!
(see more music photos here)


lara has a free popsicle too!


mark and georgia


ann marie and august


a greenberg family pitchfork


tim and andy


joe puleo, meat skewers


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