chris took me to the shake shack for dinner!

weird portabello burger w/cheez fries and a salted caramel shake


mondays with mark


aaron and karen view some internet information on jeremy's iphone




childhood friends reconnect at mondays with mark


zurped or zorched?




vicky in motion


jeremy not so much in motion anymore






kyle, shortly before he whipped out ZYGOTES on me


cheryl and fresh delicious blueberries


nick trying on some lovely new clothes he found on the street


ever meet someone and run into them every day for the next several days?






amtrak wirescape


peter picked me up in ROC


henry wasn't so social at brunch


well, neither was peter


or hallie


or me i guess


dan and patricia throw drop port washington street at brunch


good times at the james brown diner


team flip-flop


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