elena ended up being quite fond of my camera's flippidy display


it gave her something to do while mark played final fantasy


i brought eli a hat, or perhaps it's a toy...


i visited the gaige-cohens in their natural habitat


then we went to see paul to celebrate his birthday!


norman lays it down


we quickly polished off the Tagalongs


margaret is either waving or about to knock the camera out of my hand


eli shares some cheerios with carrie


in new york you can totally bring your baby to the bar! (unless he or she is smoking)


fern and emily came down and met us at two boots!


donnan came too! what the heck!


i'm outnumbered by new englanders


emily quickly caught on to our tomfoolery


park slope waitin'


mark looked very majestic from my perch on the fiberglass alligator


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