i took the train to indiana and then back to chicago. the train is nice.


i hadn't seen howie in about 2384723 years either


nor aristotle!


elena said she didn't want to celebrate turning 28, so i made her a thursday cake instead


elena and i enjoy some electricity back in chicago while the cities we live in are blacked out


this is the leaning tower of niles, only i took it at an angle so it looks straight


chicago is all about sitting in traffic all the time being really pissed off


it's also about sitting in so much traffic you're late to meet rick. he's mad, see?


i got to see guided by voices at a really enormous rock show at the finkl foundry


hey, it's sonic youth


as much as i hate the kennedy, i do love this view


eggs at the bongo room


dawn and jim helping eat the eggs. thanks guys!


chicago one two three